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Notre Dame has had the highest level of graduate satisfaction of any Australian university for the past two years running (GCCA Course Experience Questionnaire 2001 and 2002). Notre Dame is an intentionally small university, allowing personalised, individual attention for students to help them succeed in their studies.

Notre Dame is unique with its main campus situated in the west end of Fremantle, affording a vibrant and exciting town university atmosphere . Its second campus, Broome, is situated in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and the history and culture of Australia's Indigenous people.

Notre Dame Australia's courses are highly practical in their orientation, with an internship and/or practicum experience a component of most courses, allowing students to gain valuable work experience and make contacts within their chosen field of employment. The core curriculum component of every undergraduate degree enables students to pursue a well-rounded education that focuses on the great liberal arts tradition of Catholic universities. In addition, Notre Dame offers flexible degree structures , allowing students to tailor their study plan to their needs and interests. The innovative and career-focused double degree programs are part of this tailored and flexible approach.

Notre Dame is one of Australia's most international universities, with strong links to its sister university, Notre Dame United States (NDUS) and a number of other universities world wide, offering students the chance to credit their studies overseas towards their degree at Notre Dame. The University welcomes a large number of students annually from all over the world (35 countries), making campus life filled with exciting cross-cultural education opportunities.

Notre Dame's staff are highly qualified and respected in their various fields. In addition, they provide a supportive and caring university study environment, making the transition from school or employment to tertiary education all the more smoother. Notre Dame has a higher graduate rating for teaching quality in its accounting, business studies (commerce), education, humanities and law courses than all other Western Australian universities (GCCA Course Experience Questionnaire 2002).

Notre Dame has a commitment to providing the best student support and student recreational activities, allowing students of all ages and fields of study to become involved in a wide array of on-campus and off-campus events , clubs and activities.

The University's academic calendar offers students the opportunity for fast-tracking their studies by studying in the summer and winter terms.

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