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The Manhattan Institute of Management is a private higher learning institution committed to offering students a high quality, global business education. MIM offers our students a real opportunity to gain insight into the meaning of business success, in New York and around the world. In the past 30 years, over 8,000 students from more than 63 countries have stepped through the gates of MIM's downtown Manhattan campus .

Location & Facilities:

Our campus is located in the heart of Wall Street and that is but one symbol of our dedication to make successful business leaders. Wall Street, more than anything, represents financial and economic power. By attending MIM at 110 William Street, students are given the exceptional opportunity to live and learn in the center of the business/financial world, which provides them with the international perspective necessary to compete in our increasingly global society.

These success stories reflect our long history of student achievement. The pinnacle of this is perhaps Nobel Prize winner Professor Charles Kao, 'Godfather of Broadband', who is one of our alumni.

Modern resources:

The university continually invests in developing its three campuses. New buildings and improved resources include the addition of the state-of-the-art Stockwell Street library and academic building, and the development of the Dreadnought building into the central student hub and go-to place for students. We are committed to providing the best learning environment for our students so they have all the necessary resources to succeed in their studies.

Wide international community:

With so many international students from so many countries, the University of Greenwich gives you a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Recognised qualifications:

Our qualifications are recognised and valued by employers around the world.They indicate academic achievement and a good level of English, and by studying in another country you gain a broader perspective on life.

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